Guaranteed 45% Net Profit
FREE Motorcycle Shop Dress-Up
FREE Motorcycle Shop Sign
FREE Motorcycle Change Oil Kits
FREE Oil Disposal Kits
FREE Mechanic’s Uniform
FREE Shop Personnel’s Uniform
FREE Premium Items for Customers
Discount Program for Loyal Customers
Bi-Monthly Caravan Support
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RAIMOL™ Moto Zone is a comprehensive motorcycle service center providing quality services and products to motorcycle users in the Philippines.

This is a Business Enhancement Offer to existing motorcycle shops with at least 345 motorcycle change oil serviced per month.

Each RAIMOL™ Moto Zone provides:

★ High-quality RAIMOL™ Motorcycle Oil

★ Motorcycle change oil service performed by trained mechanics

★ Professional technical and after sales services

★ Responsible business practices such as proper disposal of used oil